Calls for proposals

Research fields

The research projects will be conducted in following fields: sustainable development, energy, security, business, investment, democracy and rule of law.

Duration and cost

Duration of each research project is 6-7 months and budget for each research project should be from 5,000 USD to 10, 000 USD with maximum 6-7 projects per year.


The call will be open from 1st of September to 15th October each academic year (project period 2016-2019).  Duration of each research project is 6-7 (November 3, 2017-June 1, 2018) months and budget for each research project should be from 5,000 USD to 10, 000 USD.

Eligibility Criteria

All AUCA full time faculty and researchers are eligible to apply to USAID research grant. Individual as well as group consisting of 2-6 AUCA researchers/faculty can apply to one research grant. Researchers and faculty of AUCA can take part maximum in two research projects at the same time.


Applications must be submitted to Research Office via email following the announcement of the Call for Proposals, and must meet the following format requirements (fill in separate application and budget form Annex 1 and Annex 2) and send research proposal (Annex 3.)

Research Office will announce a call for proposals during an academic year among faculty and researchers of AUCA.  Research Office is responsible for collecting research proposals and will spread proposals to Expert Council members 7 days before discussion during EC meeting. A member of the EC within three days prior to the meeting of EC is entitled to make remarks.

Research Office will organize EC meeting in order to select faculty/researchers to carry out research. After discussions, EC members will approve faculty/researchers’ project to be financed by vote. Decision is made by simple majority. Research Office will inform faculty/researchers about the decision of EC via email or phone. Expert Council will assess and accept /reject the final outputs of research grants.

Application Form

Budget Form

Structure of the research proposal

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