TSPC and CASI research papers


The Central Asian Studies Institute (CASI) does research for Central Asia. It has a worldwide network of scholars with a focus on Central Asian social science and culture.


The Tian Shan Policy Center (TSPC) is an innovative nonprofit, public interest organization focused on research, analysis, and implementation of appropriate and effective public policy in the nations and communities of Central Asia. TSPC specializes in the critical fields of strategic development policy, human rights, and sustainable environment programs, and through its efforts strives to strengthen good governance as the bedrock for efforts to better the lives of the peoples of our emerging countries. The Center seeks to collaborate with international organizations, foundations, national and local governments, NGOs and other civil society organizations and citizen activists, in order to identify best governmental practices and put them into place through this collaboration. In conjunction with this effort, TSPC projects provide opportunities for faculty and students of AUCA to engage in timely policy-relevant research and interact with other researchers and public policy makers.


Division of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science ( includes the Programs in Computer Science, Applied Math, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development [LAS])

Division of Social Sciences ( includes the programs of Anthropology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Human Rights [LAS], Development [LAS], MA in Psychology)

Division of Politics and International/Area Studies ( includes the programs European Studies, International andComparative Politics)

Division of Economics and Business ( includes Business Administration, Economics and MBA)

Division of Law

Division of General Education

New Generation Academy

School of Continuing Studies

MA in Central Asian Studies (MACAS under CASI)

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