The mission of Research Office is to provide higher performance of research activities of AUCA faculty and the structural units that have to undertake scientific studies (TSPC and CASI). It is necessary to make sure that AUCA has leading positions in rankings, considering all liberal arts universities, for our regional segment – Central Asia, Caucasus, and Eastern Europe. Research activities of universities play a key role in international rankings. QS Rating is well-matched for liberal arts universities. But 50% of this rating also includes research activities, a citation index, and academic reputation. So, AUCA has to strengthen research activities to enhance its’ prestige and recognizability, providing the university a competitive edge in the international market, including through further improvement in international rankings.

AUCA needs to become the world leader in Central Asian studies. Any researcher or policy maker or expert interested in a Central Asian agenda must know AUCA as key player in this field, and by all means need to work with our materials and appeal to us for expert support. We have to position ourselves as the dominant institute in the Central Asian Studies market

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