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 “Matthew Nimetz award for publications in Scopus” (mnaps)



Publishing academic research is considered as one of the most essential jobs and anticipated tasks of faculty members and researchers at American University of Central Asia for last 2 years. Since 2015 AUCA is participating in QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia university ranking. In this ranking research is essential, especially QS EECA ranking uses Elsevier/Scopus database. There must be more than 100 publications for last five years. The “Matthew Nimetz award for publications in Scopus” (MNAPS) aims at honoring the efforts of outstanding researchers at AUCA and encouraging them to exert more for the sake of elevating academic research at AUCA to the highest levels. The award also aims at increasing research productivity and uplifting the AUCA in QS EECA ranking and augmenting AUCA research activity visibility.


Research Office coordinates “Matthew Nimetz award for publications in journals indexed in Scopus”.



Matthew Nimetz award for publications in Scopus has several objectives: Encourage faculty/staff to publish in leading international journals; Contribute actively toward achieving internationally recognized research-excellence; Foster collaboration with international researchers worldwide; Encourage diversification of scholarly outcomes; Become world-recognized center in Central (Eur)Asian studies.



Submitted publication must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must have published his/her article/book/conference proceeding during employment/affiliation at AUCA and under the name of AUCA.
  • The same scholarly work/publication cannot be submitted more than once.
  • The research outputs produced within the USAID-AUCA Building the Future project are not eligible to apply to MNAPS.
  • It should be indexed in Scopus database.
  • Only published research outputs (full papers, publications) are considered for rewards. Publications under “Letters to the Editor”, “Editorial”, “Case-study report”, Communicates, etc. are not qualified for rewards.
  • The reward is given to all authors who published in journals indexed in Scopus with any impact factor (from 0 to 90). In the case that more than one author from AUCA contributed to the submitted publications, the reward will be distributed according to the below table:
Co-author 60% for the first author and/or senior author
40% for the second author
Two co-authors 50% for the first author and/or senior author
30% for the second author
20% for the third author
Three co-authors 40% for the first author and/or senior author
30% for the second author
20% for the third author
10% for the fourth author


If the second, third author is external, AUCA faculty/staff will get 60% of reward and external will not receive the award. If AUCA faculty is second or third co-author (not the main), he/she will get 40% (if second co-author), 30% (if there are three co-authors and AUCA faculty is the second) or 20% (if there are three co-authors and AUCA faculty is the third co-author) of reward.


We see the distribution of fund as following:

Journal Impact Factor[1] Rewards
Articles in journals with impact factor (90≥Cite Score≥10) 1000 USD
Articles in journals with Impact Factor (9.99≥Cite Score ≥1) 500 USD
Articles in journals with Impact Factor of 0.1-0.99 300 USD
Indexed papers in journals with no impact factor (0) 200 USD


Research Office announces call for proposals among AUCA faculty members and researchers by November 1 each year. Research Office provides information about QS EECA ranking and Elsevier/Scopus database and distributes the list of journals (indicating their impact factor – Cite score) indexed in Scopus database. The award will be announced on November each year and collects the research outputs published for last 2 years under the name of AUCA.


Deadline for submission of application form is December 1 of each year. Research Office composes Council for reviewing submitted application forms and research outputs. Council composed of 3 persons. On December 10 of each year Research Office announces results of MNAPS. Researchers/faculty will be rewarded publicly with MNAPS award.



Matthew Nimetz offers 5000 USD to AUCA full time faculty/researchers annually for publication in journals indexed in Elsevier/Scopus database. Research Office will manage this grant. If you have articles or any research output published in Scopus indexed journals for last year, please contact Research Office of AUCA by following email: or by phone ext.+121. Office #236 ask Jildiz Nicharapova, head of Research



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