Head of Research Office                                         Jildiz Nicharapova, PhD


  • supervision and planning of Research Office’s activities;
  • launching the new cooperation with HEIs in research and faculty/student exchange;
  • monitoring and analysis of research activities and performance of the researchers of AUCA;
  • moving AUCA in the World Universities Rankings – QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia Ranking;
  • fundraising (European foundations and organizations), work on Erasmus+ program, Horizon2020;
  • coordinating the research component of USAID “Building the Future” project, chairman of Expert Council;
  • coordination of NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) – AUCA project’s research component, etc
  • informing faculty/researchers of AUCA about upcoming conferences, research related events;
  • informing faculty/researchers of AUCA about publication opportunities;
  • organization of research related events (conferences, round tables, experts meetings) and support academic divisions, TSPC and CASI in organizing conferences, meetings;
  • motivating AUCA faculty/research to do research.

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